Pifco P28007 Rechargeable Wet And Dry Handheld Vacuum


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Household chores don’t have to become a major mission, with this compact handheld vacuum cleaner designed for the quick and easy removal of dirt and dust. Ultimately portable, this rechargeable mini vacuum can be used to clean wet or dry surfaces, making it perfect for taking care tea and cake crumb spills on the coffee table.

The ideal addition to your home, valeting your car interior is simple with this stylish green and white handheld vacuum, with a compact size and tapered suction nozzle for use in tight spots and hard to reach areas. Bagless technology means emptying this wipe clean handy hoover is fast and simple, with a washable filter that will keep its performance high. You won’t risk tripping over wires or dropping a heavy piece of machinery on yourself when taking care of tricky areas like stairs, with this cordless household helper cordless operation easy to man-oeuvre