Beldray LA024855 Carpet Sweeper With 3 Brushes


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Keep your home beautifully clean with this fantastic Beldray carpet sweeper featuring three brushes which brilliantly collect dirt and dust from your carpets without the need for heavy vacuum cleaners. With a long handle and four small, smooth wheels, the sweeper simply glides over the carpet allowing the brushes efficiently to pick up bits from the floor to leave it wonderfully clean. The sweeper also comes with a handheld comb so you can easily clean the brushes after use ready for next time.

If you dislike using heavy vacuum cleaners or want to save on your energy bills, this Beldray carpet sweeper is the perfect solution.

Simply use the handle to push the sweeper over your carpet and allow the brushes to collect the dirt and dust from your carpets.

Using four smooth wheels, the lightweight sweeper easily glides across the carpet, making it easy to use without any back strain.

It comes with a brush comb that attaches to the handle so you can clean the brushes after each use to keep them working efficiently.

Measuring just 27.5l x 22w x 6h cm, this thin and compact sweeper is easy to store away which is ideal if you are short of space.

Carpet sweeper with natural bristle main brush and two auxillary brushes

3 – section threaded pole

Includes brush comb that attaches to handle for storage

Handle length: 1.1m

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