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With enough space for 4 slices, breakfast in bed for you and your partner or school breakfasts can be made in a flash, with no arguing over who gets theirs first. The Swan Nordic 4 Slice toaster is perfect for family kitchens, stylish couples’ homes, cafes, hotels, b&b’s, staffrooms, offices and is the ideal gift for newlyweds, new homeowners and students moving into student accommodation.

The 6 browning levels/time settings allow you to brown your toast to perfection, every time. Whether you like it lightly toasted, golden brown or dark and crunchy, this toaster gives you the option to have them all, without having to put it back in or keep an eye on it to stop it early. Each side can be customised too so if you like yours more toasted than your partner you can set it separately and still toast them at the same time.

The slick sophistication of Nordic design combines style and functionality to make the perfect modern toaster for the minimalist kitchen. With a brushed stainless-steel body, soft-touch, matte finish sides in a beautiful pine green and wood effect controls it’s simple yet stylish transporting a taste of Scandinavia to your kitchen.

Defrost, reheat and cancel functions make this more than just a toaster. Defrost bread in a flash without it going soggy, or easily toast from frozen. Reheat without it cooking any further, and if you can even cancel mid-way through.

Even comes with handy click-to-pre-open removable crumb trays for easy cleaning, which catch all the mess from the toaster, leaving your counter crumb free. Non-slip feet ensure your safety whilst in use and auto-electric power cut off means it’ll switch itself off at the end of the Timer.

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